Friday, December 7, 2007

Entry #531

Although the volume is far less than Monday, this is the most difficult day of squats because of everything else in the week preceding this session.

Quads were sore, but no cramps.

135 x 5
185 x 5
225 x 5
275 x 5
295 x 3
> Could not come up for the fourth rep. Failing on squats is nothing. I'll never need a spotter again. As if I even use one.
Warming-up with Muay Thai knees before squats is prime.

Incline bench press:
195 x 4
195 x 5
195 x 4
195 x 4
195 x 3
> Light weight, awkward movement. Haven't done this lift in years. I used to do 205 for 6, but not for a full ROM. The bar touched my chest on every rep here. Sticking point is definitely at the very bottom. Maybe I'll try something new and do a bench variation for that span only, later. Then again, I could probably just incorporate a lot of partials in the bodybuilding routine I'll be doing when I bulk.

Seated cable rows:
5 x 5     Entire stack

Cable tricep pressdowns:
3 x 8     Entire stack

Janda sit-ups:
2 x 5
> Finally have the perfect set-up to nail the movement. Set an Olympic bar low in the power rack, wrap the tampon around it (finally, a use for it!), and feel the pain. Simply repping up is easy; slow, contractive, deliberate reps are elusive.

Grip Trainer:
5 x 5     5 second holds on second to last set, 10 second holds on last set
> Use the #1 next time.

Hit the bag bare-knuckle at night. Drilled Muay Thai stance with arms more overhead and weight on back foot. Mixed in kicks and knees. First two knuckles took the damage, which is good.


  1. My school gym is so badass, we dont even have a tampon!
    Regardless, people still forge one out of a boxing glove. They desecrate the thing.

  2. I thought I saw you at the gym today, but then I saw you were leg pressing, so it couldn't of been you.