Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Entry #529

Snatch-grip front squats (ATG):
3x5     135 lbs.
2x5     155 lbs.
> Balance wasn't an issue, like I thought it would be. What's difficult is holding the bar up. I'm basically doing a static military press hold. On the last set, I went in with the intent of pulling the bar into my chest instead of holding it up, but that didn't work without it slipping down. I suppose comfort isn't the point of it.

Military press:
3x5     155 lbs.
1x4     155 lbs.
1x3     155 lbs.
> The prior movement had some affect here.

Deadlift form practice:
1x3     45 lbs.
2x5     65 lbs.
1x1     330 lbs.
1x2     330 lbs.
> I used the mirror to scrutinize. My back isn't rounded, but it's definitely not as arched as it should be with the heavy loads. I'll practice these everyday, from now on.

Weighted pull-ups:
3x5     35 lbs.

Some kid came up to me between one of my sets and asked me to what benefit is there of me training in a sweatshirt. I told him it makes me uncomfortable. He just gave me a blank stare. Amusing.
Also, we got on the subject of boxing, and he expressed interest in doing it, and asked me for the address to Dreamland gym. I should have exchanged contact info in the interest of a future sparring partner, since George and Jeff are MIA.


  1. Should've powercleaned him through the roof!

  2. Funny stuff.And why powerclean him when you can blind him with SCIENCE! Or the unorthodox. Whichever.