Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Entry #518

Another close encounter of the personal trainer kind. I can't count high enough to recall every instance when one of the Atheletic Club's minions have brought their client right in front of the power rack opening to throw a rubber ball at the wall. There's somebody doing this literally everyday I'm in the weightroom. Why is this exercise so popular, and why do people pay for it? I'm concerned for the bigger picture and the nonsense that these quacks charge for more than my inconvenience. When I'm champion of the world, free power racks for all.

Box squats:
5 X 5     245 lbs.
> Child's play, even with sore quads from Monday, but the weight is supposed to be 20% lighter today. This was done on the deep set-up, again. I'm going to measure it next time for the sake of record, but it looks to be about 6-8 inches high.
It was my original intent to do front squats, but the form didn't feel right, so I opted for the above until I practice some more. As if box squats are ever the last resort.

Military press:
5 X 5     145 lbs.
> Push and pause, push and pause. I kept it segmented to avoid the push-press tendency.

5 X 5     325 lbs.
> Lift fast.
Again: lift. Fast.
The first set proved difficult. Two people were talking up a storm as they were doing bicep curls, and I resisted the eccentric contraction out of politeness. I'm actually impressed at how slowly and quietly I set the load down for five reps. There was none of that afterwards, and the movement became much, much easier from then on. What's more, the clanging drove them off. The iron is on my side; don't resist it.

Weighted pull-ups:
5 X 5     35 lbs.
> My bag is ripped open from all of the weighted movements I've been using it for, so I had to improvise with a makeshift weight belt. It's a suede rope, probably intended for something I would not approve of, but it held up after being tied into a knot around my waist and through a 35. Since the bar is high, the plate would smack me in the nether regions everytime I jumped up for a set. It was a battle of attrition.

Hammer curls:
3 X 8     45 lbs.
> Strict. Use the 50s next time.

And I walked to the track at night, again. I alternated between sprints, jump-rope, and shadowboxing. It rules to have that much open space to myself. Unfortunately, it was getting close to 10:30, so I didn't stay as long as last night, but just walking under the dark had worth.

Currently watching: James Braddock vs. Joe Louis, 1937


  1. You may want to be careful with the Box Squats; apparently there's some negative effect on the knees if one does more than two reps at a time, although that may only be if they're being performed as a top-speed dynamic lift. You probably already know more about this than I do, but just in case...

  2. I don't see how using a box and adding the element of stretch-reflex creates detriment to the knees moreso than regular squats, unless you're talking about the depth.

  3. I can't remember if there was any justification provided, but it was mentioned in an article on box squatting. Obviously not the ultimate source, especially since I can't find it again.

  4. Let me know if you manage to dig it up.

  5. Found it. 04, "Box Squatting". Turns out I was actually wrong anyway; more than two has been connected to bicipital tendonitis (...notably not a knee injury), so the entire thing is kinda superfluous for these purposes.

  6. Your civility is admirable. I would be tempted to throw a few 45 pound frisbees in their direction. I naturally lower the bar slowly. This may be taxing me on the later reps, come to think of it.