Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Entry #517

I could feel the onset of crippling leg soreness beginning to instigate, but I would have nothing of it. I gave them no break today, and they're feeling better from it. That's not your mom's healing; that's man healing. Or manealing. It's healing that will kill you.

First for today was bagwork in the early afternoon. My shoulders felt tender, but warming-up made them prime after a few minutes. I didn't do any repetitive jab drills this time, but I was emphasizing towards two combos.

Jab - jab - right cross - left hook.
Jab - right - left - left hook.

Ever since switching from southpaw to conventional, I've been favouring the left. It used to be that I was equally comfortable in both, but now, southpaw feels awkward. There's no practicality in being multilateral for that, but it's irksome that a physical feat has diminished, no matter the degree of its worth/practicality.

Guard was also tighter. It's nothing airtight, but my elbows were much more perpendicular to the ground.

A few hours later, I shadowboxed in front of a mirror before one of my dinners. It was a Joe Frazier session; I started out slow, and began to "smoke" as time wore on. Good speed and explosiveness, but watch the elbows, again.

Finally, at night, I walked to the track for more shadowboxing. Awesome explosiveness here. I combined about twenty minutes of this with some sprints across the track before walking home. All these box squats have gone Patton in slapping up my hip flexors for being wimps. They didn't feel stiff or limiting at all during the sprints.