Monday, November 12, 2007

Entry #516

Olympic squat (ATG/barefoot/sans knee wraps):
5 X 5     285 lbs.
> The first set posed difficulty, and I nearly fell forward on the second because of lax balance. Once I felt more warmed-up, the third, fourth, and fifth felt like nothing. In particular, I concentrated on driving downward with the sides of my soles.

Bench press:
5 X 5     235 lbs.
> Same situation as above. I barely made the last rep on the second set, so I took off my sweatshirt for better traction on the bench (which I've been doing for squats between each set, and will continue hereafter for benching). It made a definite difference in my shoulder blades staying withdrawn in one spot. Comparatively, the third set was easy.

JS row:
5 X 5     165 lbs.

Tate press:
2 X 8     40 lb. dumbbells

Weighted crunches:
2 X 12   50 lbs. of plates

Crush Trainer:
5 X 5     5 second timed holds on second to last set, 10 seconds on last set
> This isn't providing enough of a challenge. Onward to #1 next time.

The problems I faced in the first two sets of each respective lift tell me that I need to warm-up more extensively. I walk to and from the gym, so my attitude towards warming up my legs has been neglectful, to say the least. More thorough effort in that obviously needs to be made; because this set-up doesn't enforce a build-up, extra measures need to be exercised of my own accord, if anything.

I'm taking 30 minutes each night to stretch. Also, I did my usual walk to Whole Foods and back for the weekly cottage cheese mission. No known casualties.

Calorie intake is high (and clean), but I continue to lose weight with all the cardio I've been doing. Here's a shot where I'm not doing a stomach vacuum, unlike the last set:


  1. Are you using the stretching methods found in Relax into Stretching (Pavel)? I'm sure you can find the info elsewhere, but I do have a copy if you haven't got it already. My flexibilty absolutley exploded from it. Before, I had the flexibility of a 2x4, and now it is more akin to a cadaver.

  2. I have it, but have not read it yet. Anything with explosions is good news to me, though.

  3. Is whole foods cheaper than Costco in terms of Cottage Cheese, or is it just a closer walk?
    I hear you on sticking to the bench.  I usually have to go shirtless in order to get any sort of traction.  Amazingly, it helps to work up a good sweat.

  4. What the order of responses mixed up for anyone else? Or is it just my computer?Anyways, I haven't even checked the cottage cheese at Costco. I'm just stuck in habit.

  5. It is fine for me, earliest to latest as usual.