Thursday, November 8, 2007

Entry #515

I've given up on the scale. I tried an electronic one the gym had, and it read 190.3. From there, I walked over to the manual one and came in at 201.

Also, In my haste yesterday, I forgot to note that I tried a free NO supp sample I had laying around in my cabinet that came with a purchase a while ago. I tried it out. There was zero difference in my performance, but I have to say, it tasted awesome. Not good enough to spend $45 on, of course.

On with it: I abhor training legs only once a week. The instant I dropped DE for legs, my squat plummeted. Today, I put up 305 for 2 ATG reps, as opposed to 4 last Wednesday. It doesn't make much sense to me to do all of this bodybuilding junk, like leg presses, on a cut, anyways. Still, I was really digging the change to higher reps, so I'm switching over to this:

Olympic Squats 5x5 (same weight)
Benching 5x5 (flat, close grip or regular)(same weight)
JS Rows 5x5 (same weight)
Accessory (low volume triceps and abs)

Olympic Squats 5x5 (reduced 15-20% from Monday) or Front Squats 5x5
Standing Military Press 5x5 (same weight)
Deadlifts 5x5 (same weight) (if you pull 2.5x bodyweight do 3x5)
Pull ups 5x5 (use weight if you need it)
Accessory (biceps and abs)

Olympic Squats 5x5 (working up each set)
Benching 5x5 (flat or incline)(same weight)
Rows 5x5 (same weight)
Accessory (low volume triceps and abs)

It keeps the repetition range higher than my usual 3, so it would still constitute a shift in policy. I'll still archive the "Super Strength" program for later use while bulking. At least it brought me back to doing dips.

The foreseeable plan is thus:
Train the above.
Return to previous Westside program.
Begin bulking with a full-fledged bodybuilding routine.
Use the Westside singles template.

The intent is to create as stark a contrast in rep ranges as possible. First, for the main lifts, is 5, then 3, then 8-12, and then 1. Actually, I'd like to do the singles routine now, but it's just not plausible on a calorie deficit for me.

It's time for war.


  1. I think I just felt the universe reach for a white flag.

  2. I had a feeling that the "Super Strong" program was gonna be a bust, especially on a cut.  The 5x5 approach is going to be good for you, I'm a big proponent of it while on a cut/maintenence phase.
    Do I hear 20 rep squats for your bulk?

  3. Now you are speaking my language.