Monday, November 5, 2007

Entry #512

This felt like Hell.

Deadlift (warm-up):
1 X 10   45 lbs.
1 X 6     115 lbs.
1 X 3     135 lbs.

Narrow-stance deadlift:
1 X 6     315 lbs.
2 X 4     315 lbs.
> My legs were shaky from the puny foundation. My feet were practically touching each other here.

Wide-stance deadlift:
1 X 8     265 lbs.
1 X 5     265 lbs.

Romanian box deadlift:
2 X 6     245 lbs.
> Here, my shoes actually were pressed together because I had to use a tiny stool in lieu of a box.

Seated cable row:
2 X 8     Entire stack (160 lbs.)
> This was ridiculous. Either I've become the Hulk on this movement since I last did 120 lbs. at Pinnacle, or the machine is retarded. I asked some random afro guy to lean on the stack, but it still felt like nothing. For the next set, I just did it one-handed, which didn't provide as big a stretch. Next time, I'll grab a little kid and have it stand on the whole thing. Hope I can find a fat one.

Bent-over barbell row:
1 X 6     155 lbs.
1 X 10   135 lbs.
> My posterior was shaking from trying to maintain stabilization after all of the above. It feels like something I can become accustomed to.

2 X 6
> All of the weighted pull-ups I've been doing went out the window. My back was blasted.

Barbell curl:
2 X 6     95 lbs.

Seated dumbbell curl:
2 X 6     40 lb. dumbbells

Later, at night, I walked to the track to jump-rope and drill some shadowboxing when I remembered that I didn't have any cottage cheese to eat before bed, so I ran to Whole Foods instead, right before they closed. I also picked up a $7.99 can of tuna. It'd better cook me bacon and eggs for breakfast, at that price. Even the cashier girl was surprised about it. She asked me, "Have you bought this before?"
"Yes. It was disgusting."
"Haha. Why do you eat it, then?"
This completely puzzled me. I thought for a bit, and then remarked, "Because I have to." Way to rub in your richy rich prices. I barely had enough change to give to the charity collector outside this time.

UPDATE: I just ate the tuna. It sucked.


  1. Man, that sucks on the seated cable rows.  I can't really think of any way to remedy it.  It'll be very intersting to see how this program goes, with the insane amount of volume.
    How did you feel after the workout? 

  2. I was actually serious about getting somebody to stand on it. I actually felt better post-workout than I have on previous deadlift days, but that's just my body becoming more accustomed to the movement. I'm not nearly as stiff now.

  3. An eight dollar can of tuna? It better have been a gold plated can, and have been the last tuna on earth. Either that or it was something like a kilogram of the stuff.
    Costco kicks ass for tuna, epecially if you live near the Atlantic.

  4. Er, correction, I meant canned fish in general, not just tuna.