Sunday, November 4, 2007

Entry #510

No training. I mostly spent the day typing up routines and playing Morrowind. I'm going crazy at this point from sitting so much, but it's just pent-up energy to fuel tomorrow. I managed to dig out three worthwhile programs from my Muscle and Fitness infestation: Scott Mendelson's "Big Bench", "ECO", and some generic powerlifting template with a ton of volume, but has given me great gains in the past, which I attribute to the wide/narrow variations of the main compounds. "ECO" encorporates plyometrics for warm-ups, which actually seemed to make a profound difference while I was on it. And Scott Mendelson needs no validation. Between these and the 5x5's, I have a good selection.

I also received "POWER" in the mail yesterday. It doesn't have any example routines, unfortunately.

1 comment:

  1. I remember that generic powerlifting one before, I might wanna actually try that again myself sometime.  I screwed it up pretty bad the first time.  If you ever have the time, think you can repost that?  I'm pretty sure I threw that issue away.