Saturday, November 3, 2007

Entry #509

I was particularly worn out from pre-lifting training today, and I barely put up 265 for a single rep on bench press. Even if I had been at a full capacity, however, I doubt that I could have done it for more than a triple. I've plateaued in this regard.

I've been on this routine for a little more than a year. Gains have been excellent, but now it's time for a change.

On another note, here's a short clip. This is not a typical bag session. I'm just moving around to warm-up, paying no heed to form. I have an actual bag at home, not a standing one like this flimsy thing. The one advantage this has over my home set-up is that there's space to actually move around. In my yard, it's crammed under the patio.


  1. Have anything in mind for your new routine?  Furthering your powerlifting, giving strongman a try, taking up some bodybuilding?  There's so much out there right now.  If you want me to spitball some ideas with you, hit me up.

  2. I don't have strongman equipment, and I don't like to bodybuild when I cut, so I'm thinking of Rippetoe's 5x5. I'd welcome what you've got to offer, though.

  3. This is the best routine known to man.