Sunday, October 28, 2007

Entry #505

In stark contrast to last week, today was the best dynamic effort session I've ever done.

Box squats (barefoot):
10 X 2     225 lbs.
> The first three sets were done with the low stool and two plates. Thereafter, I removed a plate for the depth that killed my knee last time.
The mechanics of this movement are always maintained in my mind, but never before has the relax agonist contract aspect been at this level. My reflex on the platform could not have been more proficient. I exploded out from the bottom on each set, with no hit in performance. I wore knee wraps out of caution, which do also aid the actual lift to an extent, but I've used them in the past and performance was no different then anyways. My hip-flexors are slightly sore from the extreme depth, but that's priming up my flexibility.
Moreover, I was reading a Westside article on box squats, and it noted, in listing the benefits of the lift:

"John Stafford sat on a 6 inch box; he is 6 feet tall, 285 pounds."

I'm 6 feet tall and 205 lbs, and the height of my set-up was not much more than 6 inches, if not that actual quantity, even. It'd be interesting to measure the actual amount next time. And, on that note, the fact that I'm squatting better at 205 than I was at 235 is unprecedented, even if it was a light day.

Good mornings:
5 X 8     155 lbs.
> Much more complete ROM than last instance at this weight.

Weighted cable crunches:
5 X 12   Entire stack
> I actually looked at the number this time. The full amount is 140 lbs.

Crush Trainer:
3 X 15   5 second holds on last set

Nighttime, I walked to the school track so I could deduce an actual distance for my run. I ran two miles quite easily, sprinting on the last straightaway. As I was running in the blackness, it crossed my mind that I should lower my hood so I can use peripheral vision to keep alert for enemies, but I decided that that would be giving me too unfair of an advantage, so I kept it up. Afterwards, I worked the jump-rope for a little bit before walking back.


  1. You make me realize that I need a lower box.  My bench is working, but I need something lower and sturdier.  To home depot I go!
    You have an opinion on the EAS protein from Costco?  With the price of Optimum Nutrition constantly raising, I'm contemplating making the switch.

  2. If it's this: blend isn't as good as isolate being the key process, and the sucralose contains fructose, but it depends on how anal you want to get. It shouldn't really be that big a deal.

  3. Yeah, I think it's too easy to get really caught up in the "ideal" vs. what will do situation.  So many debates are on such finer points.  I might just give it a go and see if I notice any significant change.  Thanks for your thoughts.