Friday, October 19, 2007

Entry #499

I ran another four laps to LGHS and back on another crowded football night. Some noisy highschool kids were walking around in the dark and waving glow-sticks, and I heard one say, "Look, someone's coming." I changed course to run right into their path and shout, "I'm the champ, get your last look!" before dodging at the last second. I also ran backwards at one point, and did the usual sprint over the bridge on the last lap. Fooling around took out a lot of the monotony. I enjoy distance running in general, but when it's dark and crowded, I have to be extra precarious to obstacles, so I can't relax and retreat into myself the way I like to do.


  1. Ugh, can't stand distance running.  I'm all for the sprint over the bridge though. 

  2. Heh, those guys must have wet themselves. I find sprinting it is a bit dark, especially in the woods, helps my relflexes quite a bit, as I learn to react to something very fast while continuing to make my body explode.