Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Entry #497

4 X 5     135, 185, 225, 275 lbs.
1 X 4     285 lbs.
> The bar was set unevenly on the last set, so I chose reracking early over falling over, as funny as it would have been to land on the dude standing behind me.

3 X 8     80 lb. dumbbells

Romanian deadlifts:
4 X 8     225 lbs.

Weighted crunches:
3 X 12   50 lbs. of plates

Grip work


  1. Is it better to do weighted crunches with dumbbells or plates? I see you've done 50 lbs of plates, so could that've been two 25's? I would think using a 45lb would be pretty uncomfortable and would cut off ROM a bit. I've been using dumbbells recently but what do you think?

  2. I prefer plates because you can clutch them compactly to your chest. The heavier you go with dumbbells and the larger they get, the more they will jut out.

  3. Do you always do unilateral lower body work, or is it just 1 lowerbody day a week?

  4. I do two lower body days a week (DE and ME), and unilateral movements like lunges only on the ME day with my current setup.

  5. I have recieved the book, many thanks.

  6. I phrased my question retardedly, but you answered it sufficiently, much thanks.