Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Entry #491

I was dancing and shadowboxing between sets of deadlifts to loosen my back up when a girl approached me and said, "Um, hey."
I roared, "HEY" (I was short of breath).
"So...are you a wrestler?"
"No. Would-be boxer."
"Boxer? Wow..."
I pointed to her noodle arms and asked, "You a bodybuilder?"
"Hah, no! I play soccer."
I never would have fathomed. At that point, my rest time was up. Hopefully, she's inspired to go and watch Pumping Iron.

5 X 5     135, 185, 225, 275 lbs.
1 X 3     315 lbs.
1 X 4     315 lbs.
1 X 3     315 lbs.
> Performance fluctuated a bit. Hwahahaha. I have just the remedy for this lift next week. A combination of deeper box squats (which directly influence both deads and squats, according to a Westside article) and heavy power shrugs to forge my grip back to where it used to be will prime me up. It must be said, to go from straining with 275 as a main lift two weeks ago to using it as an easy warm-up today is a noteworthy mark of improvement.
I have to wonder how much a training session like Tuesday's has affect on this, though. Clean and jerks wear out my back (not in an unexpected and/or detrimental way), and shrugs with 115 lb. dumbbells does a number on my hands. My callouses burned like lava today.

4 X 8      80 lb. dumbbells
> My grip failed after the last rep of the last set, but at least I completed it. An improvement over last week.

Good mornings:
3 X 8     155 lbs.

Weighted crunches:
5 X 12   50 lbs. of plates stacked on chest

Crush trainer:
5 X 5     5 second timed holds on second to last set, 10 seconds on last


  1. Hahaha Excellent story.  You're fast becoming my role model as the manliest man alive.

  2. Glad to see the deadlift moving back up.  You'll be back to your old numbers and crushing PRs in no time.
    Actually had a question for you.  On a westside split, intsead of a DE lower day, would it be possible to work in an RE day following SuperSquats/20 Rep squat protocol for a RE lift?  I'm thinking that would actually be pretty beneficial, but curious on your take on it.

  3. I've thought about doing that before, actually. I think that'd fit in perfectly.

  4. Yeah, I figure it'd be a good way to practice squat form and pack on some decent mass with the routine.  I might try a 6 week cycle of it and see how it goes.