Monday, October 8, 2007

Entry #489

I was reading some older entries, and I thought this was interesting. From October 17, 2005:

"Deadlifted 315lbs for 5 reps. Felt strong, maybe could have done more,
but I want to be safe going into a weight I've never done before. Back
injuries are the worst. Deadlift seems to be my best lift since I seem
to adapt to new weight relatively fast compared to bench and squat. I
expect to break 400lbs in no time."

I'm almost at that exact same place now, two years later. There will be Hell to pay.

I'm gaining more stamina on the heavy bag. I savaged through a seven minute round in the afternoon. Head movement and bobbing was exceptionally quick today. It's ironic that I lack a camera in the period when I'm improving the most.

I must make sure to warm-up with more shadowboxing. My left shoulder started feeling tender from all of the shovel-hooks, which I have been blasting with great proficiency. I'm crouching down and getting excellent traction in shooting back up with it. The same applies for uppercuts.

At night, another cardio circuit:

> Four laps to LGHS and back.
> Laps in the pool.
> Shadowboxing.
> Uphill sprints, jogging backwards on the way down.

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