Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Entry #466

Today, I went to Anastasia with the intent of lifting. I was told that it opens in a month. Apparently, many others bought into their date (the latest of several), because there was a receptionist actually waiting outside at the gate to inform people, as they stepped out of their vehicles in the parking lot, that it's not open.

Forget this.

I wonder how much power I've lost from these buffoons. It won't matter, in the end.

Training on the heavy bag is bringing newfound intensity, and I'm tiring on it extremely fast. I'll keep this up until I can cruise at this level. The standing bag made for a good warm-up.

One last note: I forfeited a good job opportunity as a journalist for a website because I refused to advertise for them, which goes against my principles. Why would I recommend something to others that I hardly know anything about? I applied for another job at a local sporting goods store, but I received an email infoming me that they have no openings, and that they're even over-stocked in terms of workers. For some reason, the manager wants to meet me. Hopefully, he'll rip off his cleanly-pressed suit, jump over the store counter, and engage me in fatal combat without warning. I plan on stopping by after I pay another visit to the athletic club by the high school.

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  1. Man, that really sucks.  You should try breaking in at this point.