Friday, August 31, 2007

Entry #464

Conditioning continues. I'm working up to three laps to the school and back. I'm up to two and a half. I smashed my elbow onto a chair edge earlier today, and it affected shadowboxing slightly, but I was eventually able to work through it fully.

I'm brushing off some rust from having not driven to anywhere in a long time, not only because I lack a car at the moment, but also since almost everything that I need is within walking-distance, which I prefer to go by when I have the choice between my legs and a car. My driving instructor asked me if I weightlifted, and we spent the entire lesson with him asking questions about training and boxing. He was never into boxing before, but I insisted to him that he missed out. He was born in the '40s, so I asked him if he knew about relevant champions from around that era. We went down the line, and he wasn't very familiar with Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, or Sugar Ray Robinson, but when I asked "Muhammad Ali?", he instantly replied, "Oh yeah, of course" and we had some fights to talk about. I promised that I'd print out Beyond Bodybuilding for him on Tuesday.

Then I told him that I was going to be champion of the world someday and that he's contributing to it by helping me drive to the boxing gym.


  1. I cant even do half a lab,Without being tired. Labs are really big.

  2. oops laps* But if I tried, I can do 2 laps without stopping :D