Monday, July 30, 2007

Entry #457

Bag-work caused my wrists to ache yesterday. I'll have to continue my break from it. Their condition is most definitely improving, however. I plan on doing primarily Olympic lifts in lieu of orthodox pushes until they're more capable.

Today, I did another double run to the high school and back. At night, I returned there with the intention of jump-roping on the track, but the gates were locked. Count that as a second running session. All of this cardio is strengthening my back. It took me until now to notice the pain was gone. I've also been having issues with my right rotator cuff for the past couple of weeks, but it always feels better after a run.

Also, I found out today that the closing gym is being replaced by...a gym. Los Gatos city council is widely renowned for its tactical brilliance, after all.

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