Saturday, July 21, 2007

Entry #453

I did another double session, to the high school and back. It was much more difficult during the day, with the heat and the humidity in full swing. Still, I persevered.

The same could not be said for powerlifting. My aim was to bench 295 lbs. for three. I had to stop at 265, when I noticed my right arm shooting up much faster than my left; my wrist couldn't take the pressure. I reracked for the day and, luckily, it felt better on the way out. I just need a few more days for it.

From there, I ran all the way home, able to breathe through my nose the whole way. My ankles and knees were fine. It was taxing on my cardio, but when I got home, I immediately did rounds on the standing bag without rest. Finally, I went for a swim after that. I felt like fainting by the end.

I'd been watching boxing videos the prior night, like I do every night before I go to sleep, and during all of the running, I kept remembering Bundini Brown yelling to Ali during the first Liston fight, when everyone was booing him, "THEY CAN'T BRING YOU DOWN, CHAMP! FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY, STING LIKE A BEE!"

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