Saturday, July 7, 2007

Entry #444

ME upper-body

I completed this in an hour, my shortest session for this day yet.

Heavy bag warm-up (good flicking jab today)

Bench press warm-up:
2 X 15
45 lbs.

Floor press:
5 X 3
135, 185, 225, 275, 310 lbs.
I was in a mental rut again, going through the motions half-asleep, so 275 felt heavier than expected. I punched myself in the face and cleared 310 with much less difficulty.

Military press:
1 X 15
45 lbs.
2 X 6
145 lbs.
There's no pain, but my spine feels dangerously compressed when standing under this. I'll practice the form this week and focus on keeping a straighter posture. It might just be normal pressure, but this would be of benefit either way.

T-bar rows:
5 X 10
90, 185, 195, 195, 195 lbs.

Lateral raises:
3 X 8
35 lb. dumbbells

Abdominal circuit:
chop-crunches, v-ups, leg raises


  1. You probably know that historically lifting belts were designed with the military press in mind.  I know how much you and I are opposed to belts, but with your history of back injury, you might consider investing in one specifically for the military press if you feel a dangerous level of compression.  Even the top guys like Tate and Mariusz will wrap and compress if it means they can keep training, and I'd hate to see you out of commission again over another injury.
    I'm coming Santa Barbara on 17 Aug.  Hopefully we can set something up while I'm there for about 10-12 months.

  2. I'm considering that. And that's a decent span of time, so something should come out of this.