Monday, July 2, 2007

Entry #440

I started off today with rounds on the new bag. The material isn't as brittle as the stiff leather on my old one, so I think this should be less prone to getting tears. The hardness comes from the compacted material more than the prior one; although it's heavier, it's actually skinnier in circumference.

My right hand lead has become more proficient. Even with the added anchor of the unused bag, the entire station shifts from it. I'm facing more towards the center than before now, so less has to go into getting my right across and out.

Effort needs to go into keeping my feet firmly planted with hooks. I have a Joe Frazier habit of leaping into them. When I'm careless, my back foot comes off the ground. I'll make them a focus.

Later, at night, I walked to the track and did a short jump-rope session. After that, I went swimming. I expected it to be harder with the weight I'm at now compared to the last time I went, but it felt no different.

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