Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Entry #433

I added more weight plates onto the bag stand, and it still tips over slightly when I throw hooks. The only thing left is to buy a heavier bag. There's a hole at the bottom of this one, patched up with duct tape, so that was in order anyways.

To evaluate, my form continues to improve. My hands only drop when I want them to, and my footwork is much more stable, with the feet kept firmly planted for better utilization of power. Initially, I thought that my fists should be kept less compressed, if today was any indication. In basic 1-2's, one hand would clip the other returning to its spot. All that really needs to be done is to adopt a more parallel path and to face the opponent accordingly to accomodate. This will also produce more power, with less angles being present to work around. I can do this without being overly linear in my movement.

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