Sunday, May 27, 2007

Entry #424

I stopped by Big 5 today and purchased a heavy bag stand. It also includes a speed bag platform. I look forward to setting it up tomorrow. It'll be placed out of the patio and in the middle of the lawn to allow more dynamic movement when training with it.

Along with that, I also bought a pair of 12 oz. gloves, a pair of knee braces, and two training pants. All are far too small and must be returned. I should have chosen the 16 oz. ones from the start to match the pair that I already have, but I wanted to give George an advantage by using the thinner pair against me when we box.


  1. Did you get the Century or the Everlast one?  I have the century stand.  It gets the job done, although kicking is tricky on it.

  2. Everlast. Mine looks like it would be inconvenient for kicking, too, though. looks exactly like that but black.

  3. Everlast is a much better brand.  Good purchase.