Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Entry #423

I'm still in the midst of organizing everything. Sasquatch responded with this:

"I know a good beach area and a couple of motels where we can get a room away from everyone else"

I had no idea that they had fight rings in motel rooms.

I'm not accepting this person's terms. If he tried to pull something on me, I would have to physically resist, and I don't want a dead man on my hands.

If he does not wish to accept a public location, then the fight is off.


  1. The way that's worded it sounds like a come on lol

  2. That's fairly obvious. I'm just glad PPP has some common sense about him.

  3. it sounds like somebody, wanted to do something else besides fighting

  4. You were asking for a fight on Craigslist and got responses from people?   Holy shit!  That's hardcore, man.  I want to know what happens when you guys finally meet up and throw it down.  By the way, do you train at a gym with a teacher or are you self-taught in the martial arts?