Friday, May 18, 2007

Entry #421

Somebody smashed their car into my dad's garage door last night and drove off without leaving any acknowledgement. I didn't see who it was, but I found out by questioning various neighbors, getting an address from a witness, matching the dimensions of a notably-scathed car in the written neighborhood with the perimeter of the hole, overlaying a picture of each to reveal the match, forcing out a confession, and officiating a payment plan with the authorities, all in less than two hours, and without the aid of a single nunchaku.

The severity of this could have been worse had I been working near the door at the incident. Their car would have been totaled.


  1. I just want to know how someone smashes into a garage door that's not sitting in the middle of the street.

  2. You should have killed his family and friends, just like the Punisher would have.