Sunday, May 13, 2007

Entry #420

My dad wants to take down the heavy bag from the roof and buy a stand for it. He said that he was sleeping in his room on the third story of our house when his bed started shaking from me hitting it. I concurred. That would be a much better set-up; I'd be able to utilize actual footwork and movement with a different location.

DE lower-body

I used the unmarked weights in my backyard. I didn't care to estimate the pounds. I just used what felt right.

Everything was done barefoot.

10 X 3
That's 10 sets of three, not vice-versa. Mid-set, I realized the short length of my barbell was forcing my hands too closely to one another, so I released my hold to move my grip beyond the plate and grab the end of the bar. As soon as I let go, the bar whipped back like a spring, beyond my reach. I was supporting it on one shoulder, so I whipped it over my head and onto the ground to reset my form. In doing so, two of the plates clamped down on a piece of my pinky finger. I'm certainly not one to fuss over a finger cut, but it was practically a blood bath. It was awesome. It didn't have any affect on my ability to grip the weights, so I was able to continue.
The barbell did not come out as unscathed, being of a much more frail being than myself. It was destroyed. I won, although there's a large chunk of my finger missing. I should go look for it.

Good mornings:
5 X 12
I had to do these with stacked plates because the barbell was M.I.A. What a weakling.

3 X 20
At the climax of each rep, I would hold the position and throw some combinations. This tired my midsection more than normal.

Grip work with the trainer:
3 X 5
My gushing finger made this more difficult. It's a great technique.


  1. The box squats experience is gold. I commend you, sir.

  2. Hahaha. That bar never stood a chance.

  3. I hope you gave the barbell a proper viking funeral.

  4. Good to see you're still at it. I was away for a while, killing people and all those other fun things. I'd rather not, but a job's a job. Anyways, stay strong like Rambo/Me.