Saturday, April 21, 2007

Entry #411

Today was productive. I tried working the heavybag, but the more my footwork improves and the more mobile I become, the harder it is to train effectively on it. I need to find a better solution to its placement. I opted for shadowboxing.

At night, I walked to the high school for more shadowboxing, this time in the rain. There was a school dance in session, but it was of no conflict. I had the entire darkness of the track to myself.

Running home felt good. My joints and my back feel perfect. With this approach, I can bulk up to 240 and beyond. With that said, I'm going to take another week off from heavy deadlifts and squats to ensure no chance of injury repeating itself. In the meantime, practicing the movements will continue to be done daily.

I dedicate this kick to Cro Cop.


  1. The second shot, especially with the lightning, looks like a victory stance if "Street Fighter 2 Turbo Track and Field" existed, and you were a character in it.

  2. Did you have a photographer, or are you just insanely good at using the timer?

  3. No, I was by myself. My camera can freeze frames from video and save it as a picture, so I can pick and choose good shots that way.X3

  4. Wow, what the hell happened to my comment?

  5. Heh, I was just figuring the CroCop comment started gathering some conversation here. kinda surprised that two of the comments were duplicates. =P