Saturday, April 7, 2007

Entry #405

I started out on squats well, but at 185, my back began to feel stiff and my right knee started to ache, so I reracked for the day. Steady, smart progression like this is key. My knee is fine now, but my back is a bit sore, though nowhere near to the critical degree of what I've gone through in past weeks. When given thought, it isn't unusual. Squats have become an unaccustomed movement for my body. I'm going to practice them everyday with just the bar, along with deadlifts.

Instead, I worked the heavybag, bare-knuckle. My form was better, and there were no mistakes. The speed-bag was flat, but I found it worthwhile to hit it like a regular bag to practice aim. This felt even felt more productive than using it the way it's intended to be.

I also ordered the trainer CoC gripper. I'm not proficient enough with the #1.


  1. I imagine doing deadlifts with just the bar would actually be a little counter productive, because they bar is gonna be way lower than usual without the weight.  Are you gonna set it on the racks or somethin'?

  2. I discovered the awkwardness in different ranges when switching from box deadlifts to regular. I just don't lower it all the way in practicing or warm-ups.