Saturday, March 24, 2007

Entry #396

George is here, but we can't fight because his wrist is sprained from a sparring mishap. We went on a hike at Walden West today. I dragged with me a backpack filled with water bottles and food, a recovering back, a state of low conditioning, and the most weight I've ever been at uphill for hours, with no break. My joints began to hurt 10 minutes in. Once my knees started to buckle and my cardio gassed, I felt like quitting more than any instance ever before, but I didn't. I made sure not to use my hands to grab anything for support. After an hour of this, everything changed and I felt better, still going uphill, and at even steeper inclines. I wasn't tired in the least by the time we were finished. 


  1. Good job working through the weakness. Makes it feel that much better at the end.

  2. Dude, post those new pics on t-nation! Professor X will shit his pants.

  3. I'll probably make an update there when I'm done this phase.