Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Entry #393

Mid~bulk progress: 221 lbs.

The cheap bag gloves that I've been using aren't adequate enough
for me, even with wraps. I will use the sparring pair until I can buy
some quality bag ones.


  1. Lookin huge bro, keep up the hard work.

  2. Holy cow, you're an animal!  If this is midbulk, I can't wait to see the finishing point.
    What kinda gloves are you using?  Do you still train with the MMAish 4oz, or are you using boxing style gloves?
    Gah, I wish I could stick with a bulk as long as you can.

  3. I use a pair of Everlast ones that came free with my standing bag. They're basically a piece of cheap, paper~thin leather slipped over your hands, zero padding. I haven't used the 4 oz. ones in a while.

  4. Consider getting some cheapo everlast 16ozers from the local Big5 or Sports Authority.  They make decent bag gloves, despite being for sparring, give you good weight, can be used for sparring in a pinch, and last a while.

  5. Those sound convenient. I'll look for them, especially since I could use a second pair of sparring gloves for George.

  6. YOU ARE FUCKING JACKED MAN. WOW!! post this on t-nation!!