Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Entry #383

ME upper~body

Floor press:
45 lbs., 25 reps
45 lbs., 20 reps
135 lbs., 20 reps
185 lbs., 12 reps
225 lbs., 8 reps
265 lbs., 4 reps
295 lbs., 2 reps
Amidst the final set, with 295, I moved mid~rep due to awkward positioning under the handles, and all drive was lost. I was forced to rerack prematurely.

Standing dumbbell press/dumbbell military press:
45 lb. dumbbells, 10 reps
55 lb. dumbbells, 8 reps
65 lbs. dumbbells, 8 reps

Chainsaws/bent~over dumbbell rows:
105 lb. dumbbells, 12 reps
105 lb. dumbbells, 10 reps
95 lb. dumbbells, 10 reps

Bent~over dumbbell flyes/lat raises:
40 lb. dumbbells, 12 reps
2 sets

Abdominal circuit

The #1 gripper arrived today. To my surprise, I fell short of closing it in each hand. Repeatedly attempting to do so before leaving for training might have contributed to my dismal performance on floor~presses. It is clear that this is no gimmick to be done at anytime throughout the day. It will have its own place at the end of ME lower~body days (I will continue plate pinches on the DE version).

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  1. I actually am amazed you can't close the #1 right out of the box, but it could just be a technique issue.