Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Entry #370

Everything with weight saw at least a 10 lb. gain.

That is by no means limited to the iron. I weighed in at 215 lbs.

ME upper~body

Bench press:
45 lbs., 20 reps
45 lbs., 15 reps
45 lbs., 20 reps
135 lbs., 15 reps
185 lbs., 8 reps
225 lbs., 5 reps
255 lbs., 3 reps
265 lbs., 3 reps
The weight felt surprisingly light. However, on the concluding set, I leaned into my right side while repping the third, and subsequently felt a sharp pull in my back. It caused pain, but not failure. After reracking, the feeling subsided within a matter of minutes. I was lucky. That must never happen again.
Despite that apparently contrasting setback, my arms have never been sturdier under the load than they were today. Barring that particular error, my form was impeccable. Perhaps being able to power through that blunder, with my attention and force diverted so, only serves to be a testament to that.

Military press:
45 lbs., 12 reps
115 lbs., 7 reps
95 lbs., 7 reps
95 lbs., 7 reps
My balance felt solid this week. Full-body momentum still wasn't utilized; my force was strictly exerted through my shoulders.

Bent~over barbell rows:
155 lbs., 10 reps
155 lbs., 10 reps
155 lbs., 10 reps
135 lbs., 10 reps
95 lbs., 10 reps

Bent~over flyes:
40 lb. dumbbells, 12 reps
3 sets

Abdominal circuit
I suffered a significant cramp here; after the first set, my entire stomach suddenly felt as if it was twisted in a giant knot. I stretched it out and managed a yielding second.

Note: creatine loading phase began today.

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  1. Congrats on the progress dude.  I have that back pain happen on bench sometimes when I max.  I figure it's ok as long as its only on max effort, not everyday.