Thursday, January 25, 2007

Entry #368

The "swivel" bag, for lack of a better term, is seeing daily use. It loosens my back in conventional usage and supplies a target for shadowboxing. It also serves as a suitable warm~up for more intense activity on the heavy bag. Speaking of which, one combination in particular came out extremely well today. All it is is a jab followed by a side~step to the opposing direction linked with a hook (of the opposite arm), but my improved footwork, resulting from the mobility that the former bag entails, adds another dimension to it.

Lifting was done at night again. This schedule is working for the better.

RE upper~body

Bench press:
45 lbs., 20 reps
45 lbs., 20 reps
135 lbs., 20 reps
135 lbs., 12 reps
135 lbs., 10 reps
155 lbs., 5 reps
The rest time, or lack thereof, made my arms feel like lead. There was roughly 60 seconds of break in between each set.

Barbell tricep extension:
90 lbs., 8 reps
5 sets

6, 6, 6, 4, 3 reps
Rather than opt for the pulldown cables, I'm instead going to narrow my grip as I fatigue in order to accomplish this portion. There was much room for improvement, even with that strategy, but that's exactly why I need to avoid the machine.

Hise shrugs:
135 lbs., 12 reps
3 sets
Caution was thrown to the wind here in order to become familiar with the form. Next time, the iron will be big.

The session concluded with a round on the standing bag.


  1. Are hise shrugs the ones you do in the cable station?  They're fun.

  2. I tried doing Hise shrugs the other day, but it didn't feel like I was performing them right. So I went with regular shrugs.

  3. They're done with a barbell on you. You basically get in the squat prep, but shrug the weight instead.

  4. Oh yeah, I know what you're talking about.  That should be good.