Sunday, December 10, 2006

Entry #351

I practiced forms today. Prior to anything, I'm beginning with sets of dynamic stretches, taken off of They are aiding greatly in hip flexor flexibility. Next, I set~up a few light plates on a barbell, and worked on posture for snatches. My feet seem to land at odd angles, so I'll keep drilling this before I actually encorporate it into a routine. In fact, I plan on setting aside some time for training in forms on various lifts everyday.

Another simply involved sitting on a low curb for extended periods of time in such so that squatting low becomes second~nature. I also tried doing this on flat ground with my back propped up against a wall, but it seemed to put unneeded amounts of pressure on my shins, whereas squatting that low in actuality only has weight on them for a second or two, if that.