Friday, December 1, 2006

Entry #349

I lifted with a group of old school acquaintances. I went in with intent of keeping out of any socialities. One asked me if I was going to max out, and I decided that since I agreed to train with them, I should abide by what they were planning on doing. Despite having done ME day on the same area two days prior, I incrementally increased the weights until I was benching 255 lbs. My shoulders didn't hurt to the point that it hindered performance, but I was beginning to feel the price for my incompetence in doing this. Still, I felt that I was going strong, so I continued on to attempt to overhead press 75 lb. dumbbells. After struggle to even throw the load above me, I barely managed 1 repetition in a lift that I did an easy 8 of just a few days earlier. Upon that, I came to my senses and thereby decided to end the session then and there.

I had a thought~provoking walk home thereafter in the dark.


  1. I really hate weight training with other people.  They always just want to max out and dick around, they're never actually serious.  It's always a fucking competition, not an endeavor in progress.  It's why I always gotta have my headphones.