Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Entry #338

DE Lower~body

My back was feeling stiff to the point that it hindered training. Luckily, this is a flexible program, so there was no shortage of substitutes to utilize.

> Box~jumps replaced box~squats.

> Leg~curls replaced Romanian deadlifts.

> Weighted crunches were done on an exercise ball, rather than a decline bench.

The exercise ball was actually more intuitive than I expected; my back actually felt much better on it. I still believe that the nature of it provides momentum, defeating intents at an adequately controlled ROM, but I've deemed it invaluable under these circumstances.

I set another precedent with designated grip training, through plate pinches. Those proved deceptively difficult.

Prior to the gym session, my weight read at 202 lbs., meaning I've maintained for the past few~weeks. It's the heaviest I've been while cycled off of creatine, which I haven't taken in two months.

Stretches were a relief in the evening. These will be daily procedure.

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