Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Entry #331

Bag work:

I've become a lot more comfortable standing and hitting with the left side leading. The exception would be any type of kick; those remain precarious. But the left jab feels like a piston firing. Interestingly enough, I'm more comfortable with left hooks. Straight on the right from southpaw is stronger than the left counterpart, however. I'm all over the place, but I don't see that as a negative aspect.

Worked the peek~a~boo stance, and I really need to get some wraps for my wrists. All those hooks are taking their toll.

Went for a brief run in the rain later at night.


  1. So why the switch from Southpaw to Orthodox?

  2. I felt it was a weakness to feel so awkward on one side.

  3. Meh, it's not like you'll be switching sides when you fight.  Your footwork should keep you in the stance you want to be at, whereas if you keep changing your stance as you fight, you put yourself more off balance.
    Unless this was just like an occasional thing, then it makes sense.  But if you're good as a southpaw, keep it up.  They tend to be tricky fighters, and since you're a strong side southpaw, you really bring a lot to the table.

  4. Is the issue of fighters avoiding match~ups with south~paws actually that prevalent, or is that just dramatized for movies?

  5. Damatized for the most part.  Fighters don't like to fight against them, but if you're a good fighter with a good manager and a good promoter, it's not a concern.
    CroCop is a southpaw.

  6. Thanks for your insight. It's always helpful.To further explain it, I felt limited not being able to fight aptly just because of the direction. It may have been more psychological, if anything.