Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Entry #329

Bodybuilding day. Seemed to have drastically dropped gains in bench press, but I was running on little sleep, not to mention a shorter resting period. Only managed 225 lbs four times (no spotter). This situation will be established next week; I'll be resuming powerlifting.  This bodybuilding attempt has been constantly interrupted by injury after injury and I can't afford to wait any longer. Perhaps I'm to blame. This was supposed to be a sort of rehabilitation period coming off of the extreme loads, but I ended up training even harder than before. Speaking of injuries, I hurt my shoulder today. At least it's not the rotator cuff again.

Ran to the track at night to jump~rope, but there was a game going on.

Diet was one thing that went well. I ate until puking point. Must keep the nutrition coming; I can't fall further behind on injuries.


10 egg whites
2 whole eggs
6 small tomatoes
8 slices of salami
2 waffles with butter and syrup
2 slices of wheat toast
1 cup of milk
1 multi-vitamin

I think I'll continue eating like that, and save the weightgainer (which I have chosen not to use thus far) for another part of the day.


  1. Dude, you might just want to take a week to do some rehab stuff.  Shoulder rotations, band work, things to build that rotator cuff up.

  2. Apparently it was a one day thing.