Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Entry #326

Year two of this training journal. I'm not going to post and compare my lifting progress annually anymore as it's redundant, since I make note of gains to the day.

One attribute worthy of mention is how I've come to train with preperation of an actual opponent in mind. Before, I would simply do cardio to raise my stamina, lift heavier weight to get stronger, and hit the bag to get practice on form. Everything was simple and seen in a black and white view; if I lost at something, it meant I didn't spend enough time on it. It was a matter of quantity and not quality, but now there's much more to training; I actually take into consideration a particular style of how I go about this. For example, I've never utilized uppercuts in fighting with George. Today, I practiced a strategy of playing the distance game with jabs and front kicks, and then rushing inside with something that he's not expecting while he's comfortably fighting in the area that he's used to. He can't backpedal faster than I can go forward. Of course, if the opponent had the same thing in mind and planned on also coming in to confuse me, it'd be fine because what I trained for was just the means to get to this position anyways and I was obviously already prepared for it.

Basically, it just shows how more thought goes into this compared to before, when a plan against someone would be to the extent of, "I'll run more so I don't get tired."  This is what happened when I boxed Marty (10/15/04, see entry #11).

Speaking of boxing, I've been breathing it the last few days. Today I spent all of my leisure time analyzing old Marciano videos.

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  1. Yeah, I made the jump to smart training too.  You gotta always be focusing and thinking.  Congrats.