Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Entry #321

Bare~knuckled the heavy bag. Made huge progress on maintaining form. My
wrists didn't bend at all  in the later rounds. Ironically enough, safe
form means I'm punching harder so I drew a lot of blood. Stayed with
the familiar stance today.

I've also just realized that I'm a right~handed southpaw.


  1. Being a right handed southpaw isn't actually that bad.  If you read "Savage Strikes" by Mark Hatmaker, he talks about the value of training this way in MMA.  Basically, with MMA gloves, you don't need to worry about the glove cushioning the blow, meaning you don't need to have your strong side back to get maximum power.  With your strong side forward, you can generate a lot of power off the jab, a decent amount off the cross, and be better coordinated to sprawl on the takedown defense.
    Heal those hands dude.

  2. That's good to know. I've heard a lot about that book. I really want it.It's hilarious, but Ippo actually clued me in on this. He was having trouble with someone's deceptively hard jabs until he realized that they're southpaw and that he shouldn't be absorbing them because they're actually straights. I was like "What? Isn't that how everyone does it?"

  3. Hehe, like I said, that anime will teach you some things about boxing.
    I still need to watch the rest.  I ran out of time around 36.