Sunday, August 6, 2006

Entry #311

Internet was down; unable to record yesterday.

Saturday, August 5, 2006

DE upperbody

I've lost 12 lbs and am down to 195.

Also began reloading phase on creatine mono.

Speedbag for warm~up. Three rounds of it mixed in between the initial sets of the first lift for endurance purposes.

Continued on with ten sets of speedbench. 185 felt oddly heavy, but I was rather sore. Made a point of bringing the bar down lower; instinctively it comes down to my chest. Blame bodybuilding.

Went heavy on everything else. No drop in gains here.

Found a new recruit for the AKA. I knew the guy working at Taco Bell when I walked there later at night. He asked me about training and made mention of how he wants to join there. He said he's excited because he just got his new car, too. Still, it'll only work if it's offered to me; I'm not going to impose myself on his convenience by getting a ride from him everytime. Same goes for George and the other dude (who never got back to me). If I can somehow organize all of this to work, though, I'll have some awesome training partners.


  1. I like your little-uh, Xanga page, here.What does the acronym AKA stand for, by the way?

  2. Thanks.American Kickboxing Academy.

  3. Nice. How do you get Grappling in though? Or does it include that? Or do you not care? lol.

  4. It includes that. It's just a generic name. The place has muay thai and Brazilian jiu~jitsu.

  5. Oh, like the way Tiger Schualman's Karate is called Karate but is Hybrid Martial Arts?

  6. Yeah, they need to make the name simple and attractive. Cung Le's school is called "Cardiozone Kickboxing".

  7. Wtf, that's gay as hell. I don't find that attractive.I find it...a very disturbing portmandeau...

  8. The actual fighters already know what they want and what they're getting into. It's the soccer moms they need to attract.

  9. Good point. That and I find alot of Martial Arts schools like attract little kids to children's classes too.