Thursday, June 29, 2006

Entry #298

Sparred in the park.

Started off with heavy-contact. Shoulders were sore from lifting on the previous day, but I did an extremely consistant job of keeping the hands up. Felt like I could throw jabs all day. Did excellent in working them into combinations.

Kicks were abysmal. The power is there, but a moving opponent throws me off, admittedly. More than once I connected with my toes to an undesired location. At least I have the mechanics of it improved, but I'm looking forward to more work on them with actual humans. I need to anticipate and aim, not just recollect bag drills. Oddly enough, this isn't as significant an issue in regards to handwork.

Also did an exceptional job of bobbing and weaving. No idea where I picked this up. I've always just parried, but the smaller glove size made that and covering~up more difficult. George noticed this as well; consequently, he wanted to focus on that. We did a drill of me going for his head and him defending. I didn't want stay with this for too long because it didn't allow him a chance to defend via any sort of counter.

Calves cramped out before long. I brushed it off as nothing, we reset the timer, I attempted initiation with a roundhouse, and instead fell down before even getting halfway, unable to move my left leg. I encouraged George to keep coming, but he wouldn't have it. I fucking hate being weak.

> Stay loose. Don't flex while fighting.
> Don't shift weight onto back leg so much.
> Don't telegraph kicks by changing stance. Just use whatever the situation calls for.
> Use more hooks. Got too comfortable with jab~jab~straight.

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  1. Bobbing and weaving scares me.  Seen too many guys get caught with a clinch and knee that way.  That being said, I need better head movement.