Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Entry #297

ME upper-body

Started floor-presses. The weight is basically what I bench. I need to get used to the coordination of it; had difficulty keeping shoulder blades pinched without having my legs extended to stretch my body out, as it would on bench press.

Have been using the speed-bag and the standing-bag for warm-up as of late. Knuckles are raw and cut from going bareknuckle so often, but the bag is soft compared to what I've got at home, so it's just skin breaking. .

Found a possible sparring partner. He's a competitive MMA'er with primarily BJJ in his arsenal, in stark contrast to my situation. We'd go hand in hand. I'm also lending him the AKA address, so if he's close I can maybe get a ride with him to the center, but I don't want to impose myself.

Jump-roping in the evening. Didn't aggravate my shin.


  1. Sweet news on the potential training/sparring partner dude.  I'd kill for something like that.
    What're his specs?  About your size?

  2. He's around 190 at 5'10, and I've cut down to 202 so far, and still going. I have the strength advantage in lifting but he sounds like an animal in the ring. He's a BJJer who has a KO via high-kick.