Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Entry #294

ME upper-body

Left tricep was excruciatingly and unevenly sore for some reason. Consequently, was unable to bench straight. Had to nix the entire push portion of the session.

Also attempted some easy sets of floor press in the squat rack to drill the form down for next week. Got a headache from having my head press into the ground. Otherwise is a good situation for training, however, considering how desolate the rack room usually is.

The safety bars don't go down low enough in the rack to enable a full ROM (with elbows contacting the floor). Looks like I'm going without them.

Did a jump-rope circuit in the evening.


  1. Dude, if you're in the squat rack, why not do some rack lockouts?

  2. yeah, really! rack lockouts omg c'mon even my grandpa does them. With one arm tied behind his back! OHH SNAPS!

  3. All of the mobile benches were being used, so I couldn't drag one over there at the time.