Saturday, June 3, 2006

Entry #289

DE upper-body:
Decreased rest period in-between sets of speed bench. Would have liked to do speed-bag transitions, but the bag was flat. Could make a point of instead using the punching bag instead next time, but fatigue usually sets in if I bench immediately after working that. Still, this may actually be something to continue working on.

Cardio circuit:
Jump-rope run late at night. Technique in it isn't good enough so that it's as continuous a motion as running is, but the dynamics of it are more applicable to fighting. It's also easier on the joints.


  1. initially speed bag/ heavy bag work saps the strength from any weight training immediately after. i however believe that with proper nutrition and work ethic, the body will adapt. one will complement the other. moderate the intensity. maybe have alternating specific days to go harder on the bag(s) or weights? i do firmly believe that both should be done in conjunction to simultaneously eleminate stiffness and building strength. best of luck.  

  2. did you know your eyes sparkle like diamonds?

  3. Yeah, I screw with coding too much when I'm bored.