Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Entry #287

ME upper-body:
Consecutively advanced weight on bench singles. 275 proved to be no problem without a spotter, but form was off 10 lbs later. Should practice the technique at home on a free bar. Also need to work on faster eccentric phase while maintaining control. Several alterations this week: close-grip bench currently posing as my replacement for dips, and seperate deltoid movements being given more emphasis. When time is low, thus should be my priorities; curls come last. Will incorporate this sort of philosophy from now on, rather than follow the order strictly by what's written.

Analysis of MT drills:
Introduced a brief warm-up session via dynamic stretching methods, taken from
> Followed up with 50 right roundhouses.
Felt much improved due to the prior stretching. No strain in hip flexors.
> 50 left roundhouses.
Couple instances of sloppy foot positioning upon lift-off; back leg would tweak for compensation of impact. Need to enforce a solid base.
> 50 right straights.
Fatigue in shoulder, most likely  result from today's lifting split. Excellent maintenance in power despite this.
> 50 left straights.
Still feels awkward from this position. Need to get this fixed with proper instructioning.

Analysis of heavybag rounds:
> 5 rounds of MT,  3 minutes each, 4 oz. gloves.
More shoulder fatigue, but if anything this forced me to lower my chin to compensate in order to get it behind my drooping hands. A testament to how instinctive protecting my chin has become.
> 3 rounds of MT, 1 minute each, bare-knuckle.
Noticeable improvement in fist conditioning. Little loss of power between the transition from gloves to bare. Was having trouble getting used to the lack of support, however; warped my wrist on more occasions than one.

Finished off with 10 minutes of jump-rope.

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  1. Nigz, overhead press some heavy ass weight.