Sunday, May 28, 2006

Entry #285

Synopsis of bagwork:
50 right roundhouses
50 left roundhouses
50 right straights
50 left straights
> Reiterating moves like this is helping to erradicate sloppy habits, especially "wrist~warping". Should expand upon these drills. Better warm-up is desirable as well, perhaps via dynamics.

2 full~purpose rounds, 4 oz. gloves
> Running into some trouble effectively incoporating straight-kicks here; in fact, too much telegraphing on kicks in general. Might need to adjust my stance/footwork. In the case of straights, however, chances are the (relatively) stationary nature of the heavy bag is to blame; this is something that needs room, and should in fact be used during the distance game. In this instance, it shouldn't be unrealistic to back off and work it from there.
Contrarily, jabs felt awesome. Great snap into them, without sacrificing power.

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