Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Entry #280
Changed up the lifts for ME upper-body. Used the 105 lb dumbbells on dumbbell press for six deep reps. Amazing how light these feel after months of bench maxing. However, was unable to do weighted dips due to my chest, to much dismay. I'll give it another week.

Another satisfying cardio session:
50 right roundhouses
50 left roundhouses
50 right straights
50 left straights
6 three minute rounds of stand-up on the bag, 45 second rests in between, using 4 oz. gloves (one more over last week)
2 one minute rounds of stand-up on the bag, 30 second rests in between, bare-knuckle
2 untimed rounds of shadowboxing by poolside
25 minutes of swimming fast laps

As for the Kickboxing Academy: the local Los Gatos shuttle doesn't give rides after 6:30 pm. Just found out today. Dammit.

Have also been off creatine since Sunday, and will begin loading phase next week.

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  1. Man, by the time you figure out this kickboxing thing, you'll have moved =P