Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Entry #277

Shins were feeling sore from a run last night, but it didn't affect ME for lower body today. Discovered a flaw in my deadlift form; my foot positioning has been way too narrow. Lifted 385 lbs for a single. Weighted lunges were with 105 lbers, but my hold was shot to hell after deadlifts. Only managed 4-5 reps on the four sets. Excellent grip training, though.

Evening cardio:
A round of heavy bag work.
20 minutes spent swimming laps.
3 rounds of shadowboxing by the poolside.
Should start this earlier from now on so I don't have to retire early on the bag due to the noise at night.

Gonna lay off running for a while and spend additional time on the punching bag, for my shins' sake.  This is more applicable training to me for fighting, anyways.


  1. Damn your deadlift is good.  My form really sucks.  Too much back, not enough legs.