Sunday, May 7, 2006

Entry #276

Academy update: found out the bus stop number for the location near the school. Just need to find a cross-city stop closest to the local stop of the Los Gatos bus, and I'm all set.

Cardio is improving. Ran to the school with little trouble. Once there I rested by the bleachers for a few minutes and then did HIIT on the track. Only did a lap of it because the  field was being closed down for the night, so I HIIT'd home, and went in the pool for some laps. My shins held out through all of this. Looks like they're not an issue anymore. My shoulder also didn't gave me little problems while swimming. Afterwards I proceeded to do 20 roundhouses on the heavybag. Had to retire on that early because it was late and I didn't want to make much noise.

Need to increase water intake, however. I've been getting lazy with that.

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