Friday, April 28, 2006

Entry #270

Box squats today. Boring as hell. My form is getting stricter, though. Should decrease the height next time. Been pounding my traps these last few weeks especially. Used 335 lbs for 12 reps of shrugs, and then eventually switched to 105 lb dumbbells for 10 reps. Ryan was there and commented about how I was using my arms a bit excessively for the dumbbell shrugs. Or more like roared it across the room. That guy, he'll kill you, I tell ya. But I should watch for that next time.

No BJJ or muay thai today, but I'm scheduled for sign-ups and lessons on Tuesday. The desk lady'd better not bail on me again like last time.

Also, I've been eating this cottage cheese crap before bed for the last two weeks, and the stuff doesn't even phase me anymore. Good mental discipline. I should get some oatmeal to replace the bagels, now.


  1. Have you been training regularly and not noting it, or still trouble getting started?

  2. Haven't started it, other than the free lesson. This'll be my fourth time going and attempting to sign up (other two times it was closed, third time the lady wasn't at the desk). I should have just signed up after my free lesson, but I didn't have money with me at the time (you have to pay upfront).